Lucky Cat Tee. Daikoku Nights.

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We're excited to bring this White/organic slim fit unisex tee to you, in celebration of Daikoku Nights. 

Daikoku PA (parking area) is a rest-stop-slash-carpark on a man-made island called Daikoku Futo, just outside Yokohama, Japan. It sits bang on the Bayshore Wangan route – a road made infamous by the illegal Japanese street racing/extreme tuning scene in the late ‘90s/2000s.

It should be quite a stark place, tucked under the expressway down a spiralling off-ramp, poorly lit and fronted with a rank of weird vending machines. But it isn’t. Now it is simply a mecca for Tokyo’s car scene, pretty much every night of the week. A huge, glorious, impromptu zoo of fantastic beasts. Everything from modified NSXs to VIP Mercedes, drift, extreme stance, lowrider – Daikoku has it all. People come to show off, chat, hang out – and as long as everyone behaves themselves, the police leave everyone alone. In fact, Daikoku PA is one of our favourite places in the world, Caffeine&Machine an echo of the same song.

Because everyone loves a waving fortune cat.